Luis Suarez’s Player Profile

Luis Suarez is an extremely gifted football player, who has been proving his prowess on the field for the past several years. His talent has encouraged Barcelona to spend 75 million on him to transfer him from Liverpool to Catalonia. He played marvelously well in the year 2014 and even finished as the top scorer of the Premier League. Even though he has attracted some negative attention due to some biting incidents, he has managed to impress everyone with his special talent in playing football.

Suarez had a remarkable year in 2012 to 2013 as well, when he managed to score around 23 goals in thirty three games alone. The year he went to the World Cup with a knee injury, everyone predicted him not to play well. However, he redeemed himself by playing marvelously well and overcame all the PR and health obstacles in his way.

Luis Suarez is a deadly striker and is able to attack from wide positions making him an enticing presence on the field. He played his best while winning the Treble with Barcelona it the year 2014 -2015. Unfortunately, he has had to face several disciplinary issues due to his manic behavior on the field. He has been suspended several times, yet he still comes back and tends to land in hot water all over again. However, he is a great favorite of the public as he redeems himself with his playing skills on the field.

Luis Suarez is able to score so many goals with his signature powerful shot. He generally runs towards the goal and tends to use the nutmegging strategy to outsmart his opponents. This strategy generally involves passing the ball through their legs. He has the ability to play in any position on the football field, but his real talent lies in being a striker for his team. He is also a great team player and opens up chances for his teammates to score the winning goal.

The Personal Side Of Luis Suarez’s Rise To Fame

Luis Suarez was born in the tiny city of Salto in Uruguay in 1987. He was the fourth of 7 boys. His elder brother, Paolo Suarez is a professional footballer as well and plays for the Sonsonate.

Luis Suarez moved from Salto to Montevideo when he was around seven years old. This is where he developed his football skills. He played with kids his age on the streets of Montevideo while working part time as a street sweeper at the same time. His parents separated when he was around nine years, making money tight at home. He contributed his wages as a street sweeper to help his mother run the house. He had a difficult time growing up in the dredges of poverty. This is one of the reasons why the public of Uruguay is quick to forgive him for his many disciplinary issues.

Luis Suarez claims to be of mixed race. The public records show that he had a black grandfather which was used to explain his usage of the term “mi negro” in a two minute altercation. However, the FA handed him an eight match ban, which he followed dutifully.

Suarez was lucky enough to find the love of his life at the age of 15 in Montevideo. Sofia’s family, however, moved to Europe in 2003, forcing Suarez to concentrate on improving his football skills to follow Sofia to Europe. They got married in 2009 and have a gorgeous daughter and a handsome son together. Suarez joined Barcelona in 2014 as a way of staying closer to Sofia’s family. Suarez and Sofia are leading a wonderful life together. She used to come watch his matches when the kids were younger, but as they are growing up, she is not able to make it to all the matches. However, their love is still strong for each other. Suarez has often quoted Sofia as the sole reason for his success.

The Brilliant Striker’s Style Of Play

Luis Suarez prefers to nutmeg his opponents by running straight for the goal and putting the ball through their legs. He has the capacity to play as the target man or a second striker making him a formidable force on the field. The coach of the national Uruguay team has called Suarez as a great forward, who is an elite player among the forwards in the world. Suarez’s impressive footwork lets him evade defenders and get past the opposing team members to score powerful goals. He is also an excellent team player and creates chances for his teammates to score goals of their own.

Although Luis Suarez has a penchant for picking up yellow cards, his ability to make or break a game makes him a crowd favorite. Suarez’s dominant skills have helped him lead his team to success many a time. Suarez has demonstrated many a time how he drops off and isolates the defenders, enabling to score a goal He is very agile and uses this to his advantage by dropping off into the space in the front and away before the defender has a chance to register what is happening. Suarez has displayed his impressive football skills by thinking on his feet and changing the play in the middle of the game. Interestingly, his team mates also move in coordination with home, enabling the team to score winning goals.

Although Luis Suarez drags center-halfs out of their position, he also tests the defenders and forces them to make critical decisions on the spot. However, football experts agree that he is at his best as the spearhead of the famous three-man attack. He has caused a lot of damage and won the team the game with his agility and football skills at this position. He has shown a drastic improvement in his form after adapting this interesting form of attack against the opposing team.

Luis Suarez: His Time With The Nacional

Luis Suarez was born in 1987 in Uruguay. He played 34 times for the Nacional till date. He has risen to great height very rapidly through sheer determination and fantastic football skills. In May 2005, he made his debut against a small Colombian team called Junior de Barranquilla. Even though the game isn’t remembered by Nacional fans, it was his first step towards football greatness. At the time, the Nacional side was made up of future players like Sebastian Viera, Gonzalo Castro and Juan Albi. Although the club failed by winning only a single match out of the six group matches, Suarez was already on his way to the top. He managed to net a goal with a magnificent overhead kick, attracting plenty of attention.

Even though Suarez did not play for long with the Nacionals, he managed to score 12 goals in the 34 games he played. His teammates praise for his ability to rise like a phoenix exactly at the moment that they need a goal desperately. Uruguay idolizes this magnificent player and is proud of his many achievements. He gives back to the society by meeting with the youth and telling them encouraging stories. Interestingly, many of his fans are also Liverpool fans.

Luis Suarez: Player of the Year

In 2013, Suarez changed his stance on leaving the club and stated that he would like to continue and even signing a contract extension. He reasoned that the support from his Liverpool fans made him revert his decision. In September 2013, in his first game after his recent suspension, Suarez was able to help his team beat Sunderland by scoring twice. Following this performance, Suarez again managed to score an opening goal on October 5 against Crystal Palace. Then he went on to score his next opening goal at Anfield against West Bromwich Albion. BBC reported that he had managed to score a hat trick in every 2013 Premier League Game.

Suarez repeated his magic in December 2013 by scoring 4 goals against Norwich City. He was the first player in the entire history of the Premier League to score up to three hat-tricks with the same opponent. He captained his team on December 15 and scored twice while his team won by 5-1 against Tottenham Hotspur. This led to Luis Suarez being declared as the Football Supporters’ Federation Player of the Year 2013. He was offered a new contract for four and a half years by Liverpool, which he promptly signed, sealing the deal.

Suarez started 2014 with a bang by scoring a 2-0 win over Hill City. This led to him becoming the first Liverpool player since Robbie Fowler to score twenty or more goals in Premier League Seasons in the same year. On March 1, 2014, Suarez made his hundredth appearance at a Premier League Game and proved his fantastic playing abilities again. It was in April 2014 that Suarez along with six other players were nominated for the PFA Player of the Year Award for the second consecutive time. The award was announced on 27 April, and all Luis Suarez fans were thrilled that their hero was the first non-European who has been awarded the PFA Player of the Year Award.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup

Luis Suarez was named a part of the Uruguay team for the FIFA World Cup in June 2010. However, they had a bad start with a 0-0 draw against France. The Uruguay National team made up for it by winning with a 3-0 score over South Africa in their next game. In the final group match, he managed to head in a goal off a pass. This led him to being named Man of The Match. Uruguay was able to come out top in Group A and move on to the next level with talented players like Suarez being a part of their brilliant team.

In the sixteenth round of the World Cup matches, he scored both goals in the match against South Korea, causing him to be named the Man of the Match again. This win helped Uruguay move forward to the quarterfinals, where they had to face Ghana. However, Suarez made a professional foul during the game by blocking the goal bound ball from Dominic Adiyiah using his hands. This did not prevent Uruguay from beating Ghana by a score of 4-2 however. This led to Suarez referencing the famous Hand of God statement made by Maradona in 1986. Suarez stated that “The Hand of God now belongs to me. Mine is the real Hand of God. ”

Although he committed a professional foul in the match against Ghana, he said that he acted out of instinct and only wanted his team to win. This led to him being suspended for the semi-final game in the World Cup. Uruguay lacking the brilliant striker went on to lose the game against Netherlands. Although Suarez managed to come back for the third position game against Germany, he was booed by the crowd. He helped Cavani score the first goal, but Uruguay ultimately ended up losing by 3-2 to Germany.

Luis Suarez’s Football Awards

Luis Suarez has shown the world how sheer determination and talent can make any footballer great. He has many accolades and awards to his name. Some of these have been listed here:

  • All-time top scorer of Uruguay national team since 2013
  • Best Top Division Goalkeeper –IFFHS in the years 2010, 2014 and 2016
  • PFA Player of the Year in 2013-14
  • Awarded the European Golden Shoe in the years 2013-14 and 2015-16
  • He was the Player of the Season of the Premier League in 2013-14
  • Premier League Golden Boot was awarded to him in 2013-14
  • He has been the Ajax Player of the Year for the years 2008-09 and 2009-10
  • He was the Liverpool FC Top Goal scorer in the years 2011-12, 2012-13 and 2013-14.
  • He won the Best Player in Europe Award in 2014, 2015 and 2016.

Luis Suarez has proved time and again how brilliant he is on the field. He has thousands of fans all over the world. He has eve inspired many kids in Uruguay to consider football as a profession. Suarez has managed to climb out of the poverty that he was born into and build a beautiful life with professional success and a beautiful family by his side.