A Few terms Used In Football

Football is a team sport that is played all over the world in different forms. However, they use common terms to mean the same things. Let’s take a look at some of the popular terms in relation to football and what they actually mean:

  • Advantage Rule

Every time a foul is detected, the referees do not have to stop the game. Sometimes the ball might be deliberately handled to bring it under control, but the players might end up deflecting it to an opponent. In cases like this the referee uses the advantage rule and allows the game to proceed.

  • Bicycle kick

When a player manages to kick the ball over his own head during the course of the game, it is called a bicycle kick. It needs t be executed by keeping one foot on the ground, making it a bit complicated to pull off.

  • The Box

The box refers to the penalty area. It is usually 16.5m by 5.5 m in size.

  • Clear

When the football is kicked or headed away from the goalpost, this term is used.

  • Dead ball

In case the play has stopped and the ball is not moving at the moment, it is said to be a dead ball. Free kicks and penalty kicks are usually taken using a dead ball.