Basic Rules Of Football

Football can be defined as a team sport where two teams face each other and try to kick a ball towards the goal of the opposing team. Interestingly, the term football refers to whichever type of football is played in that particular region. Each form of football has a certain code of rules to be followed. Here are some of the basic rules of soccer or football that are followed in the world’s most famous sport:

  • A football team is made up of 11 players, of which one is the goalie.
  • Two football teams of 11 players each play against each other in a football match.
  • A match usually lasts for two 45 minute halves. So the entire game is comprised of ninety minutes.
  • Players can use only their feet or their head or their chest to move the ball. However, the goalkeeper can use their hands to block the ball, but only within their marked goal area.
  • In order to score a goal, the ball can be kicked or headed towards the opposition team’s goalpost, which is the aim of this game at the end of the day.
  • In case the ball crosses or touches the side line, it is usually thrown back in by whichever team did not touch it last.
  • A central referee controls the game, they are supported by two linesmen as well. The referee awards free kicks as well as penalties according to the rules broken. If a particular player continues to break rules or use foul language on the field, the referee has the power to send them off.

Many football associations have been formed all over the world to help facilitate the playing of different teams against each other. This is a team sport that many counties have a lot invested in. Several popular football players have become world famous due to their football playing skills.

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