Australian Football Rules

Australian football has been played since the 1840s and has its own set of rules. The Australian Football League has a huge presence in the country. It is a mix of football and a few Aussie rules.

In Australian football, you have to kick the ball between 4 goal posts. The points your team scores depend on which goal post the ball passes through. The ball is usually passed between the team players in order to attempt to score the highest points by the time the game is over.

The ball used in Australian football is similar to the one used in American rugby. It is kind of oval in shape and made from leather. Each football team is made up of 18 players. Each player is assigned a particular position, although they are free to move about on the pitch.

A few rules of Aussie football:

  • The decision by the umpires is final.
  • A game is made up of 4 twenty minute quarters.
  • Opponents can be tackled by players. However, they can only be tackled from the shoulder height downwards.
  • Players are not allowed to push back their opponents during running or tackling in the midst of the game.
  • Players can shepherd the other players away from the ball from within 5 metres of the ball.

A total of 7 umpires are present for Australian football. The three main umpires oversee all the decisions made on the field. The scoring system as seen above is slightly different from other forms of football. In Australian football, if the ball manages to pass through the two middle goal posts, 6 points are won. In case the ball passes through one goal post and one of the posts behind it, a single point is awarded. In case the ball is kicked over the scoring line by the opposing team, a point is again awarded. At the end of the day, the team with the highest number of points takes the trophy home.

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