Health Benefits Offered By Football

With a sedentary lifestyle being the leading cause of many diseases popping up today, including a physical activity in your daily routine has become quite crucial. Football is an example of how a physical activity can be made fun and even enjoyable. Here are a few benefits that football offers you:

  • Increase Aerobic Capacity

As you start getting older, you tend to slow down and stop doing high intensity movements. Playing football requires running non stop for 90 minutes, making it necessary for you to be in shape in order to last the entire match time. The average football player runs about 5 to 7 miles within a football game. So you can build up your stamina by slowly going for short runs, and increasing the distance as time goes by. This will help improve your aerobic capacity to great lengths.

  • Lower Body Fat

If you have been looking for the latest fad diet to lose a few pounds, you can stop right here. Football is a great physical activity that will have you shedding you pounds in no time. It also helps you to build lean muscle which will burn calories even while you are just relaxing.

  • Build Muscle Strength

As you grow older, some muscles tend to start decaying due to non-usage. This can be prevented by taking part in a weekly game of football. Football ensures that all your muscles are put to good use and builds your muscle strength. This will help you as you grow older, as it will prevent your muscles from becoming weaker as time passes by.

  • Teaches Coordination

Playing football requires a lot of hand to eye coordination along with better motor skills. Once you make a habit of playing football regularly, you will notice a huge improvement in your coordination skills in general. This can help you in more ways than one.

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Reasons Why Kids Should Football

Most kids these days are glued to screens with little or no physical activity at all. It is time to put a stop to making this generation become lethargic and get them involved in some fun activities like football. Football is a great example of how a team activity can teach kids many important life lessons. Let’s take a look at the few advantages learning football offers kids of today:

  • It’s Fun!

Football is a great way to hang out with your friends. It does not matter whether you win or lose. Good football coaches will make every football practice session fun, so that it motivates the kids to become better as time goes by.

  • Developing New Skills

Since football requires a lot of skill with the ball and better coordination with the other members of the team, it forces the kids to develop new skills quickly. This can even turn out to be helpful to them in the overall scheme of life.

  • Making New Friends

If you just moved to a new place or have an introvert kid on your hands, joining any team sports activity can help solve your problems. Football is a great way for kids to bind over. Team spirit forces the kids to get together and forge friendships that might even last a lifetime.