How To Control A Football

Having exceptional football control skills is necessary to excel in the field of football. This can be achieved by constant practice with the right gear. The most important ball control skill is the dribbling skill.

You will need to practice your dribbling skill at least a 100 times every day till it becomes a muscle memory for you. Initially it might seem tedious but as you get better at it, it will become easier. The dribbling practice includes rolling out and pushing the ball back in. The foot is placed on top of the ball and the ball is rolled sideways outwards and then pushed inwards using the other foot. This will help you get better control of your ball when you are in the field. If it starts getting tiresome repeating the same routine a 100 times, remember that every great footballer started out the same way.

Another commonly used football control exercise is by placing the foot on the top of the ball and pushing it back from your toe to your heel, and then following it up by pulling the ball using your foot, You will then need to turn, so that you are facing the ball as you place your other foot on the ball. This exercise also needs to be practiced 100 times every day to be perfected.

If you want to have quick feet, this exercise can help you get there. First, you need to use both your feet to get the ball in the air, and then tap the ball using the top of your feet to keep it bouncing without touching the ground. This needs to be continued as long as possible. As time goes on you will find that you are able to continue bouncing the ball for a longer period of time. This skill can come in handy on the football field.

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Tips And Tricks: Goalkeeping

Being a goalie in a football game might see like an easy job to the outsider. However, that is very far from the truth. Being a successful goalkeeper includes the important job of making sure that the opposing team does not manage to sneak in any goals on your watch. You will be the last line of defense for your team and thereby need to be on full alert all the time.

Here are a few skills that you can use to become a better goalkeeper for your team:

  • You need to be able to control the ball well in order to be a good goalkeeper. As you will be kicking back the ball to your teammates, you need to have a strong and powerful kick. The dropkick can help you cover a large distance with the football with no extra effort on your part.
  • You need to learn to be aggressive to protect your goalpost by all means. This involves being able to predict the opponent team’s movements. Yu will need to wait for the first move from your opponent’s and then move accordingly to block the ball. This includes understanding the body language of your opponents to a great deal as well.
  • As a goalkeeper, you need to keep your eyes on the ball at all times to avoid it from reaching the back of the net. You will need to throw yourself towards the ball at times to avoid letting it score a goal. A successful goalkeeper is always focused and on their feet through the game, ready to pounce on any ball that comes their way.
  • Some goalkeepers make the rookie mistake of focusing on the opponent’s legs rather than their entire body language. Since the opponents are trying to distract you in every way possible, you need to focus on your opponent and improve your hand to eye coordination at the same time.