The Brilliant Striker’s Style Of Play

Luis Suarez prefers to nutmeg his opponents by running straight for the goal and putting the ball through their legs. He has the capacity to play as the target man or a second striker making him a formidable force on the field. The coach of the national Uruguay team has called Suarez as a great forward, who is an elite player among the forwards in the world. Suarez’s impressive footwork lets him evade defenders and get past the opposing team members to score powerful goals. He is also an excellent team player and creates chances for his teammates to score goals of their own.

Although Luis Suarez has a penchant for picking up yellow cards, his ability to make or break a game makes him a crowd favorite. Suarez’s dominant skills have helped him lead his team to success many a time. Suarez has demonstrated many a time how he drops off and isolates the defenders, enabling to score a goal He is very agile and uses this to his advantage by dropping off into the space in the front and away before the defender has a chance to register what is happening. Suarez has displayed his impressive football skills by thinking on his feet and changing the play in the middle of the game. Interestingly, his team mates also move in coordination with home, enabling the team to score winning goals.

Although Luis Suarez drags center-halfs out of their position, he also tests the defenders and forces them to make critical decisions on the spot. However, football experts agree that he is at his best as the spearhead of the famous three-man attack. He has caused a lot of damage and won the team the game with his agility and football skills at this position. He has shown a drastic improvement in his form after adapting this interesting form of attack against the opposing team.

The 2010 FIFA World Cup

Luis Suarez was named a part of the Uruguay team for the FIFA World Cup in June 2010. However, they had a bad start with a 0-0 draw against France. The Uruguay National team made up for it by winning with a 3-0 score over South Africa in their next game. In the final group match, he managed to head in a goal off a pass. This led him to being named Man of The Match. Uruguay was able to come out top in Group A and move on to the next level with talented players like Suarez being a part of their brilliant team.

In the sixteenth round of the World Cup matches, he scored both goals in the match against South Korea, causing him to be named the Man of the Match again. This win helped Uruguay move forward to the quarterfinals, where they had to face Ghana. However, Suarez made a professional foul during the game by blocking the goal bound ball from Dominic Adiyiah using his hands. This did not prevent Uruguay from beating Ghana by a score of 4-2 however. This led to Suarez referencing the famous Hand of God statement made by Maradona in 1986. Suarez stated that “The Hand of God now belongs to me. Mine is the real Hand of God. ”

Although he committed a professional foul in the match against Ghana, he said that he acted out of instinct and only wanted his team to win. This led to him being suspended for the semi-final game in the World Cup. Uruguay lacking the brilliant striker went on to lose the game against Netherlands. Although Suarez managed to come back for the third position game against Germany, he was booed by the crowd. He helped Cavani score the first goal, but Uruguay ultimately ended up losing by 3-2 to Germany.