My history

I was born in Salto (Uruguay) on the 24th of January 1987. When I was 7 I moved to Montevideo, where my football career began. That was the first big change in my life, and since then I have faced many other big changes.

I am the middle child of a family of 7, meaning I have 3 older and 3 younger siblings. As you can imagine coming from a large family, we did not have many recourses at home, which meant we had to carry on with a very normal life, full of sacrifices.

I started playing football when I was very young and by the age of 4 I would run faster with the ball than without it... but it wasn’t until I was 14 that I started playing football seriously when I was selected by Nacional de Montevideo. Within 2 years, I was selected by the management to join the first team and within 2 years of that, at the age of 18, I won my first Uruguayan championship.

My happiness at this time was not complete though. Sofia, my girlfriend and current wife had to move from Uruguay to Barcelona and we had to continue a long distance relationship for a year. Despite this complication I could not give up on our relationship and when I got a call to play in Europe I didn’t think twice. The only thing I thought about was being by her side again.

That's how my European adventure started. I went to play for Groningen in the Netherlands when I was only 19 years, but I had the girl of my life Sofia back next to me.

At the beginning it was not easy at all. At that time I was not able to speak Dutch or English and communicating was incredibly hard. To add to this I needed some time to adjust to the Dutch league and I had to play with the second team of Groningen.

What I always had clear on my mind that I was not going to give up and that I would soon enough have an opportunity to prove myself. I kept on fighting and working hard until one of the best days of my life: The miraculous match. That's how Sofia and I refer to the match that changed my life: Although I was brought on to the game with only 10 minutes left to the end of the match, I scored twice and won a penalty kick. From that day on my life began to change.

It was incredible to believe that I was playing for a first division team in the Netherlands. When I look at my past I think about all my friends growing up, all the dirt fields and streets of Montevideo that I had played on, but I can’t help but to feel very proud of what I have achieved. The story then continues when one day I received an unexpected phone call from one of the most prestigious European clubs: Ajax. It was a dream come true and a huge step forward in my career. And of course without thinking twice, I moved to Amsterdam.

It’s been 2 years since I married the love of my life Sofia, and after all our history together I wouldn’t have it any other way. Soon after being married, we received the exciting news that we would be expanding our family, with the arrival of Delfi.

I am know the proud father of our beautiful daughter who was born in August of 2010, and has since filled our life with happiness like we have never experienced before.


Luis Suárez joined Nacional de Montevideo in 1998, refusing offers from other teams interested in him, despite of his young age. He made his debut in Nacional, the 3rd of May 2005, against the Junior de Barranquilla in the Libertadores Cup. From that day forward he fought strongly to gain a place in the first team of Nacional de Montevideo. He scored his first official goal on the 10th of September 2005.

Nearly a year after his debut he was part of the first string team of Nacional de Montevideo and had great performances both at Libertadores Cup and the Uruguayan League. Due to this he was signed at the age of 19, by FC Groningen (Netherlands) for the amount of $1.000.000. While at this team Luis scored 11 goals in 33 matches, with one of these being at the UEFA cup championship.

Luis’ talent caught the eye and admiration of many European clubs and after a season at Groningen, Ajax fought for him. After a long negotiation in the 2007/2008 season, he signed for 7,5 millons €, until 2012/2013

At only 20 years of age, he was part on one of the most prestigious clubs in Europe where he scored 100 goals during the last 3 seasons and where he is now captain and leader.

Last season was a dream come true for Luis.He won the prestigious Dutch Cup (KNVB Cup) ,Ajax returned to the Champions League after 5 seasons of not qualifying. He was also named Dutch Footballer of the year and received the Golden boot award of the Eredivise. Such a great year could not have ended in a better way, in June 2010 he took part in the Uruguayan expedition to South Africa for the football world cup and he played a main role in the great performance of his national team. He scored 3 goals in 6 matches helping his team to reach the semifinal of the World Cup.

After playing for 4 years in Ajax, Luis moved to Liverpool FC in January 2011. He scored his first goal in Anfield Road against Stoke City (02/02/11).