Luis Suarez’s Player Profile

Luis Suarez is an extremely gifted football player, who has been proving his prowess on the field for the past several years. His talent has encouraged Barcelona to spend 75 million on him to transfer him from Liverpool to Catalonia. He played marvelously well in the year 2014 and even finished as the top scorer of the Premier League. Even though he has attracted some negative attention due to some biting incidents, he has managed to impress everyone with his special talent in playing football.

Suarez had a remarkable year in 2012 to 2013 as well, when he managed to score around 23 goals in thirty three games alone. The year he went to the World Cup with a knee injury, everyone predicted him not to play well. However, he redeemed himself by playing marvelously well and overcame all the PR and health obstacles in his way.

Luis Suarez is a deadly striker and is able to attack from wide positions making him an enticing presence on the field. He played his best while winning the Treble with Barcelona it the year 2014 -2015. Unfortunately, he has had to face several disciplinary issues due to his manic behavior on the field. He has been suspended several times, yet he still comes back and tends to land in hot water all over again. However, he is a great favorite of the public as he redeems himself with his playing skills on the field.

Luis Suarez is able to score so many goals with his signature powerful shot. He generally runs towards the goal and tends to use the nutmegging strategy to outsmart his opponents. This strategy generally involves passing the ball through their legs. He has the ability to play in any position on the football field, but his real talent lies in being a striker for his team. He is also a great team player and opens up chances for his teammates to score the winning goal.

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